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What is your perception of the role of Executive Assistant as the Recruitment Director? 

I always joke with candidates that the infamous “any other related tasks” is the most important point in a job description. The wide range of tasks Assistants must take care of in a given day is so impressive, and they always find a solution to everything. When people are lucky enough to have an Assistant in their work environment, they know the value they bring to the table, and everything they can accomplish. As a recruiter, I think it’s particularly important to talk about the role of Assistant to all my acquaintances and professional contacts, because Assistants are often relegated to the shadows when they are frequently the heroes behind small (and big 😉) miracles! 

Charlene, you have been a Partner at indispensable recruitment for a year now. How are you taking it in? 

Time flies! To be honest, it’s going so well! Everything fell into place naturally, and it wasn’t much of a surprise that I got the opportunity to tackle this challenge alongside an awesome Partner! 😉 This first year as a Partner also marks 6 years of working at indispensable recruitment, which I am so proud of! Growing along with the company, learning the ins and outs of the Assistant market, and following recruitment trends were the three main aspects of my career development until now. I know I have a place in this role, and I am grateful for the constant support of our wonderful team. Knowing that I have the trust of my team members is very rewarding and I hope to meet their expectations for years to come! It’s only the beginning, but it’s a very promising one and I love it!