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We are excited and most of all proud to present to you the new website and logo for indispensable recruitment Inc. Founded by Vanessa Mongeau in 2013, the firm specializing exclusively in the recruitment of Executive Assistants has greatly evolved. We were ready for a breath of fresh air, more in line with our image and our growth!

Thank you to the Comme Pas Deux team for understanding our needs so quickly.

Thank you to Treize team for the web site confection! Great work!


In preparation for our expansion in English-speaking parts of Canada, it was imperative to create the indispensable recruitment Facebook page, LinkedIn and Instagram. This leads us to announce that we now have two distinct pages for English-only content.

We are now inviting everyone to go like these pages to help us build a strong network nation-wide.

While you’re there, go like our French pages too if you haven’t already!