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Indispensable Recruitment Campus presents,

Tomorrow's Executive Assistants Mentorship Program - Class of 2022

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Our goal

Since the founding of Indispensable, we have developed several initiatives that aim to animate the professional community and promote its influence. In response to numerous requests for a mentoring plan for assistants, we are proud to introduce our newest project, Tomorrow’s Executive Assistants Mentorship Program. Indispensable campus is offering a mentoring program to support administrative assistants who wish to progress to an executive support role.

What you can expect

As part of the Mentorship Program, you will be paired with an experienced Executive Assistant for one year. Monthly meetings will be scheduled with your mentor to discuss the theme of the month. She will share with you her best tips and advice adapted to your needs, as defined beforehand by email.

Our Mentors

The team has carefully selected the mentors who will be part of the program from among all those who have shown their interest. From SMB’s to large corporations, your mentors all have more than 10 years of experience as executive assistants in various environments. They are available to give you the support you need to reach your professional goals.

I am an administrative assistant,
how do I apply?

To participate in the mentoring program, you must have been in an administrative assistant role, or equivalent, for at least 2 years and provide us with a copy of your resume, a link to your LinkedIn profile and a cover letter (one page maximum) including:

  • A brief description of your current position
  • Your professional goals
  • Your expectations and goals for the mentoring program

The jury

Made up of experienced assistants and market specialists, the jury will be responsible for analyzing all the profiles received and selecting the mentees. The jurors will meet in order to make a joint decision as to which administrative assistants will be part of the mentorship program.


Our mentors profiles

Class of 2022


Nathalie Doucet

Executive Assistant - Broccolini Construction

I started my career as a secretary in the early 90s, a position I held for about 12 years.  My career path then led me to sales as a major account representative, a position I held for a little over 10 years.  Bringing my secretarial background with me, the president of the company slowly delegated me all the administrative tasks in support of the sales team, while simultaneously executing my role as a representative.  Over the years, I realized that working as an assistant was my passion.

Seven years ago, I left the company and my position as a representative, and I have since been working as an assistant to the CEO, as well as the president and the two vice-presidents of the construction division.

Today, I want to pass on my knowledge and expertise to the next generation and help them discover the beautiful profession of executive assistant.


Josée Jolicoeur

Executive Assistant to the Assistant General Director - Centre de services scolaire des Mille-Îles

I have over 30 years of experience in secretarial work. I was a member of the executive of the APSAQ (Administrative Support Staff Association of Quebec) for 2 years. I was also part of a committee for the succession program for executive assistants of an organization.

Since October 2018, I have been working at the Centre de services scolaire des Mille-Îles, in a managerial position as an executive assistant for the Assistant General Director, Mr. Dominique Robert. I am very happy to have moved into this position; my job is a perfect fit in my career path.

For me, giving back is fundamental and it is ingrained in me. It is not just about teaching someone something, it is how you do it that's important. The next generation is essential.

Élaine Lecours - Adjointe de direction

Elaine Lecours

Coordinator, Human Ressources - ArcelorMittal

I have been an executive assistant for almost 20 years (already). I have worked in several fields, medical, biotechnology, environmental engineering, mining and recently in the construction industry. As an executive assistant, I have assumed different levels of responsibility such as office manager, team supervisor or project manager.

I was not necessarily meant to become an assistant, but life guided me towards this path. I am very happy with it today. It is a profession without routine, that can bring great challenges to those who want it.

I recently changed jobs and I have more time to devote to volunteer work. I am committed to the evolution of the role of assistant at all levels. I believe that a well-prepared assistant will have an easier time finding her place in an organization.

Vicky Simms

Executive Assistant to the President and CEO - WSP

To use the words of a famous and likeable character from Uderzo and Goscinny, I fell into the administrative support business somewhat by accident. After a stay in English-speaking countries, I came back to Quebec in 1999 and took a job as a receptionist in a Montreal fashion company, out of necessity to pay the rent.

One thing leading to another, with the help of bilingualism, I acquired administrative skills through temporary positions as an administrative assistant and customer service representative.  A great opportunity came up in 2001 during an interview, when an instant chemistry took place between the vice-president of a large pharmaceutical company and I, and I obtained my first executive assistant position, despite the little experience I had.  The first lesson I learned as an executive assistant is that beyond skills, the key to a successful collaboration between a manager and his or her assistant lies in the compatibility of their personalities and the bond of their professional relationship. The rest can be learned!

Over the years and with the inspiring leaders I have worked with, I have come to understand the importance of my role with the business leaders I support.  From them taking the time to ask my opinion, I have learned to recognize the confidence they have in my skills and my judgment. I have found, through the projects they ask me to be involved in, that they believe in the added value of the perspective of the person they entrust with their professional lives and their daily agenda.

Today, I would like for the administrative and executive assistant career to be more valued, not just a default position, but a promising professional choice.  The choice to be in a logistical and advisory position with the greatest leaders of today and tomorrow.

When I learned about the mentoring program at L'indispensable, I was immediately charmed.  How I wish I had the opportunity to seek advice in difficult situations. How I wish I had known years ago what I know today and how I wish I knew today what I will know in a few years. The mentoring program not only enables the sharing of valuable knowledge in a profession where the demand is constant, but it also enables the valorization of an irreplaceable job in corporate environments.

Brigitte Soler

Executive Assistant - Biron Groupe Santé

I have been an executive assistant for over 30 years. I recently left my job after 29 years at the same company in the financial industry. For the past 2 years, I have been in the health sector. I wanted a new challenge. We should not stay in our comfort zone when the desire to expand our horizons arises. You must be willing to go further and not be afraid of the unknown.

I love the profession of assistant because of its complexity but also because of its ease. It is an inspiring job that allows us to grow every day. You might think it is a routine job, but it is not. One minute everything is calm and the next it is chaos. Routine is rare, even if some tasks are repetitive, there is no such thing as a typical day.

The lack of succession made me want to get involved in the mentoring program. People are reluctant to get into this profession because it is not well known. However, being the assistant to a CEO is a prestigious job in my opinion. It is a great career. Nowadays, the assistant to the CEO does more than serve coffee and greet visitors. She is an integral part of the management team. She is the right hand of the leader and is an important asset to the team. She has access to privileged information and is trusted by her peers because she is known to be highly confidential.

Geneviève Thibault

Executive Assistant - WSP

After graduating as a laboratory technician, I decided to change careers and became an administrative assistant and then an administrative coordinator. This change was supposed to be a temporary steppingstone during my undergraduate degree, but this profession has turned into a real passion for me. From pharmaceutical to marketing and eventually landing in the financial field, I have learned a lot from this profession, and I enjoy every opportunity to learn and show my abilities.

I love this profession because it allows me to showcase my organizational and listening skills, my humanity, and my talent for organizing and handling priorities.

At the beginning of my professional life, I would have liked to have had someone to guide me through my career. I was fortunate to have a great manager early in my career to help me understand the dynamics of different types of businesses, she made me confident in my strengths and helped me work on my weaknesses. I would like to do the same for a junior assistant just starting out in the profession and possibly help them avoid a few pitfalls and ease their progression. Simply and humbly give back!

Karine Malouin

Executive Assistant - Exceldor

I worked in the media industry (Radio-Canada, Astral Media and Bell Media) as a sales coordinator and sales and management assistant before moving on to the real estate industry (Oxford Real Estate Group) as an executive assistant. I am still an executive assistant today, but I work in the agri-food industry with the management team of Exceldor cooperative. Simultaneously, I am pursuing university studies in administration (management).

Over the years, I have also made it my mission to help the managers I work with be better at their jobs every day. I truly believe that the right assistant can have a positive impact on a manager, on a team and even on a company. I try to make a difference every day.

I want to be involved as a mentor to promote a positive image of our profession so that a new generation can see the possibilities that this field offers. Such a position can offer a stimulating career, a daily life far from routine and a lot of challenges!


Joyce Peng

Executive Assistant - VMware

I started out as a Marine Mechanic with the Canadian Armed Forces for six years. Administrative work like documentation, preventative maintenance, training plans became my responsibilities to oversee. It made me realize managing and keeping my team organized was something I enjoyed and excelled in. When I transitioned into my civilian life, I began as an administrative assistant and sales coordinator before moving into executive assistant roles over the years.

Currently I am the EA to the Country GM of VMware, I love the team I support, I am motivated everyday in what I do. My boss makes me an integral part of strategy planning and executing initiatives. I have supported seven executives in my EA career, all with different working styles, personalities and roles ranging from CEO to VPs to Directors in sales and engineering.

I have had multiple mentors and advocates who guided and coached me, I will be forever grateful for having fast tracked my career because of them. I would love to pass along the same help as I was given, to those seeking advice or a sounding board. In our line of work, I understand there is a grey area in where our role begins and ends, so it can be challenging to push back and be assertive with tact. I want to help you build healthy work boundaries, coach you through difficult conversations and provide you tools to advocate for yourself.


Our jury members

Class of 2022

Karine Lavallée

Executive Assistant - Plusgrade

I have not always been in administration, but I have always worked "for" people! I spent almost 12 years as an HR generalist in retail. Then I traveled abroad. When I returned, I worked for 5 years in a large accounting firm as an assistant and practice coordinator.

I have been an executive assistant for over a year now and I love my job and the company I work for.

I have always enjoyed taking care of people, organizing them, simplifying their lives and making them happy.

I find it stimulating to be involved in a project with other people who do the same profession and to be able to share my experience with people of different backgrounds and professional levels. I wish such a program had existed when I started in administration!

Rafaël Provost

Executive Director - JAG, an LGBT+ organization

In the administrative field for over 7 years, I have worked in different areas as an executive assistant and coordinator. Events, communications and administration are my 3 areas of expertise. With me, there are only solutions.

I am passionate about the position of assistant because it is a profession without limits where you can put forward many of your skills!

Every role and challenge is different and the confidence of a manager in his or her assistant is a great professional reward.

I would like to be involved as a jury member for this second edition of the mentoring program because, having been a mentee myself, I take the success of this initiative to heart and I want to emphasize the importance of the good duo formed between mentee and mentor. This is what makes this program and this type of position so different, the right "match" is the key to success!

Vanessa Mongeau

President and founder - L'indispensable recrutement

My career path is quite atypical. I graduated from HEC in accounting, but I quickly realized that it was not for me. So I started working for a recruitment firm in which I took under my wing the mandates concerning the positions of Assistants. Developing day after day a particular interest for this profession, I decided to create my own firm dedicated 100% to the recruitment of Executive Assistants. Today, I can say that for the past 8 years, through my company, I have been working with all kinds of passionate and exciting women.

It is only natural for me to get involved in this innovative project. My company works every day to make the Assistant profession shine and I believe that your interest in the mentoring activity has convinced me of its importance.

Indispensable team works on various types of mandates. From SMEs to large corporations, from the financial sector to the artistic sector, the market holds no secrets for me. I believe I have key knowledge and an external and neutral vision that will allow me to create the best mentor/mentee duos.