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How to stop apologizing at work

How to stop apologizing at work?

Apologizing too much at work is a habit of admitting that you’re at fault or taking responsibility for an error or mistake that was, in fact, not your fault. Of…

The Assistant's guide to structuring an executive's time

The Assistant’s guide to structuring an executive’s time

As the right-hand to the executive, what role does the Executive Assistant play in structuring an executive time? Naturally, that depends on the executive you support. There are many types…

Anticipating needs

Anticipating needs

If there’s one soft skill that could help you on your day-to-day as an Executive Assistant is certainly anticipating your Executive’s needs. In this article, you will find why anticipating…

How to manage a conflict at work in seven steps

How to manage conflict at work in seven steps

It can be difficult to know where to stand when a conflict arises at work. There are some tips you can use to help you get through a conflictual situation…

Smart objectives for Executive Assistant

SMART objectives for Executive Assistants

Executive Assistants should take the time to set objectives for their career just like anyone else does. An objective should be specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time bound (SMART). In…

How to work from home as an Assistant

How to work from home as an Assistant

Due to the past year situation, your work environment has most likely changed from an office to a home office and that can be a little overwhelming as an Assistant.…